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  poker, tournaments, satellite, freeroll, wsop

Recommended Poker Software Solutions
for effective training, guidance and play monitoring

A quick review what we discussed on the Learning Centre page about the benefits of using software to help improve your game:

You may often be in a position where you can’t play live games online (maybe you’re sitting on an aircraft) or have snatches of time available to you (waiting for the bus, sitting in the doctor’s room etc) which you could put to practical and enjoyable use by improving your play.
Another variation: You want to learn how to cope with a combination of three loose, aggressive players, a maniac, a tight-aggressive, a calling station and two professionals – a challenge to be sure! With the right software, you can set up your own player profiles and play any kind of game against them at your pace. So you can take your time in analysing each hand not only for your play, but also to see how they play against each other!
This is where offline PC software comes into its own. The nominal cost is more than offset by the intense training you receive to sharpen your game against real players for real money.

To sweeten the pie, we provide a FREE copy of the book “The Secret of How to Play Winning Poker” by Jim Diamond to all software purchasers. The value of this book is easily equal to the cost of the software! Just email us proof of purchase through our supplier links and we'll send you the link to download your free bonus book.
If you want to tell someone else about all this, click here to send this information to a friend or colleague.

Please call back often, as we are continually combing the 'net for additional quality products to present for your consideration.


Turbo Texas Hold'em - Version 6

Three modules are included with Turbo Texas Hold'em
  1. Profile - Create players with individual playing styles! Modify the playing styles of included players or create your own players. No programming skills are required. Extensive control over play based on type of hands, position and reaction to the board. The profile modules are custom designed for each of the different poker games.
  2. Lineup - Choose which players you want in the game. Create a loose game, a tight game, etc. to simulate the games you typically play in.
  3. The game itself - Turbo Texas Hold'em. Play with 2 to 10 players, control the nature of the game; fixed or spread limit, blind and bet amounts, etc. Stack the deck to create special situations. Statistical reporting includes analysis of starting cards, 3-D bar charts and graphs. The stats can be saved to disk. Play interactively, with features like instant replay, or run high speed simulation to test different strategies.
Skills Challenges: Test your playing skills against the Advisor in the "Challenge Mike" contest and new in Turbo Texas Hold'em version 6: Test how well you can read your opponents using the three Awareness Challenges. Custom Hand Analyzers are built into each of the Turbo Poker games. The results are quite different from those obtained using "dumb" simulation techniques. In a real game, players bet, call, raise, reraise, fold, etc. based on the value of their hands, the nature of the board and their playing style. All of our Hold'em Texas Turbo games do this as well. The computer players act like real players. The results are much more accurate than analyzers which have no betting or folding. Other Features Include: Get advice and exact odds as you play. Set blinds, bet amounts, rake, toke, etc. Challenge the best computer player. Play evaluation with Sidewinder Sid, peek at other player's cards, replay hands. Enhanced graphics, sound, printing, and statistics. Ability to save and restore games in progress. Windows 95 through Win XP, or Mac with Virtual PC.
Price: $59,95 - To purchase, CLICK HERE
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Tournament Hold'em Version 5

Includes limit, no-limit and pot-limit! Provides realistic tournament play. Set tournament size (single table to 500 tables), limits and blind structures, number of rebuys, etc. Includes 2004 WSOP big event. Handles all situations in a realistic manner. Odds shown for all-in situations. Peek at your opponents cards after showdown. Ability to save and restore a tournament in progress.
Tournament Texas Hold'em Software Features:
  • Choice of limit, No-limit or Pot-limit play.
  • Control of tournament size. Play in a single table satellite tournament with 10 players up to a 100 table tournament with over 900 entrants.
  • 2002 WSOP final format is included
  • Tex's TEARS formats are included
  • Play a complete tournament or jump to the final table
  • New, tougher computer opponents
  • Tracks results for completed tournaments
  • Control of limits and blind structures
  • Choice of freezeout or number of rebuys
  • Choice of competition level (average, tough, toughest).
  • Control maximum number of raises allowed.
  • Optional ability to quickly finish a hand and go on to the next hand.
  • Handles all-in players and side pots automatically.
  • Handles "chip races".
  • Status versus the competition.
  • Ability to save a tournament in progress. Price: $39,95 - To purchase, CLICK HERE
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Turbo Texas Hold'em Lite

A Lite version of Turbo Texas Hold'em! Play against 2 to 10 players. Get advice and exact odds as you play. Set, blinds, bet amounts, rake, toke, etc. Extensive statistics and play evaluation. Lets you replay hands and more! Fixed Limit and Spread Limit only.
We created Turbo Texas Hold’em Lite as a lower priced alternative to Turbo Texas Hold’em V6. It is identical to Turbo Texas Hold’em V6 in most respects. Customizing the type of game and number of players, getting advice and exact odds as you play, extensive statistics, rake analysis and a lot more features are included in Lite. However some features are disabled. The features not active in Lite are:
Testing related features:
  • Review/create your own computer players (we call them profiles).
  • Stack the deck with specific cards for players and or the board.
  • Freeze the button at a specific seat.
  • Run high speed simulations to analyze situations and test strategies.
  • Automatic testing capability.
  • Run showdown hold’em tests.
Special features:
  • Challenge the best computer player - can you beat him?
  • Learn how to read your opponents.
  • The ability to skip dealing bad hands and just deal either calling hands or raising hands
  • The ability to peek at your opponents’ cards during a hand. (You can look at all hands after the hand has ended.)
  • The ability to deal your opponents’ cards face up.
  • The ability to pick your advisor.
The features not included in Lite may or may not be of interest to you. If not, you’ve saved $20.
Price: $39,95 - To purchase, CLICK HERE
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Sidewinder Sid Analysis Program

The "Sidewinder Sid Analysis Program" provides a detailed hand-by hand review of any "errors" in your play and integrates directly into Turbo Texas Hold'em and Turbo Texas Hold'em Lite. It uses Microsoft Text-to-Speech Technology and a talking cartoon character named Sidewinder Sid. Any hands in "error" are replayed on a small table while Sid comments on your play and explains any errors. It's both fun and educational.
Turbo Texas Hold'em includes Play Evaluation, a summary of whether you're playing too tight or too loose. We created Sid because many customers asked for more detailed feedback and analysis of their play. Our challenge was to do this is in an interesting manner. The result was the "Sidewinder Sid Analysis Program". Over a year of development was invested in the creation of "Sid" and the program that brings him to life. Rather than increase the price of Turbo Texas Hold'em and Turbo Texas Hold'em Lite, we are making the "Sidewinder Sid Analysis Program" an optional additional program which integrates into Turbo Texas Hold'em and Turbo Texas Hold'em Lite. After any number of hands, if you click the Analysis button, Sid pops-up and gives you his review.
To get the full power of Sid, the program has to be "unlocked". The cost is $14.95
A demo of Sid is included in TTH V6 and TTH Lite. A unique lock-number is generated by the demo for each computer. This number is displayed within the Sid demo. To unlock Sid, you need to give us your unique Sid-lock-number. To order via telephone, call 800-735-4430. If you call during normal working hours, we can immediately give you the unlock-number. If you call at another time, or order via mail or the Internet, we will call you and give you your unlock-number. If you want the unlock-number e-mailed to you, please tell us.
Once you purchase Sid, you will be allowed to install him on a second computer (for example on your laptop) or on a new computer at no extra charge.
Important: Sid can't be unlocked unless you tell us the lock-number from the demo. (He will already be unlocked if you order him when you order Turbo Texas Hold'em V6 or Turbo Texas Hold'em Lite.).
Price: $14,95 - To purchase, CLICK HERE
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Sit-N-Go Pro System

My name is Jonathan Rothman, many call me Johnny, my friends call me 'JR', and I've been playing online poker at various poker sites that feature high stakes sit and go tournaments.
I've been winning cash games and tournaments consistently, but my real niche are Sit and Go tournaments. In 2005, I've cashed over $110,000 playing multi-table SNG's and this year is only getting better. Since February 2006, I've been averaging $1,200 a day playing $100 buy-in single table Sit and Go's.
After endless hours of playing Texas Holdem SNG's successfully, my fool proof sit n' go poker system will change the way you play poker forever!
Listen, don't worry about everyone else. Most people reading this letter are NOT like you. If you're like the majority of other poker players, you're probably breaking even or losing your cash...After you learn our SNG winning system, there will be no excuse to lose!
  • Watch me put my own Sit-N-Go Pro system to work. I’ve recorded my success on Video and now you can take peek of every pocket hand I play and how I play them...
  • Full-Featured Videos of the Sit-N-Go Pro System in Action! Get full commentary of me in action at the SNG poker tables.
  • How to take full control of your online SNG table and trick your online opponents to think you’re a complete fish…then easily drag in HUGE pots to take the lead!
  • Make $100, $500, $1200 easily and effortlessly with the SIT AND GO PRO…And rake in the cash every single night.
  • How to start playing poker for fun and still make huge earnings. Play whenever you want and play with as much money as you want, and never worry about going negative with your earnings!
  • Learn the step-by-step fool-proof SIT AND GO PRO system to help you finish into the money almost every time you play!
  • How to gain instantaneous advantage over online opponents and learn the one secret factor that works in your favour. Your opponents will be wondering how their chips ended up in your chip stack!
  • Learn the exact hands you should play – how to play your poker hands and when you should play them.
  • How to cash in at every sit n’ go and make a 100% guaranteed profit at the end of the night. The simple technique we’ve mastered over the years to guarantee a spot into cash!
  • Discover the different playing styles and which poker style will intimidate your opponents
GUARANTEE: Get the Sit-N-Go Pro System right now and read it over. Try the information out. If you are for any reason at all not 100% satisfied with the Sit-N-Go System, within 60 days after purchasing, and Sit-N-Go will refund every penny of your money, no questions asked. It's as simple as that.
That means you can try out all the strategies at their risk, while you see if they work for you or not. Sit-N-Go provide you with full featured videos, plus the instructional handbook, in addition to many bonuses and he wants you to share the success that he continues to have.
Price: $97,00 - To purchase, CLICK HERE
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That's it! Remember - if you have any problems or queries about poker software solutions - please Contact Us


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