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  poker, tournaments, satellite, freeroll, wsop

More "Good Stuff" from 888 Dragon!

There are so many wonderful things happening in the World of Poker and so many facets to this great past time! We are really excited about bringing you as much info as we can to help improve your profitability and enhance your playing experience.

This is really a gateway on our web site to those sections not covered by the "Play Poker", "Learning" and "News" sections. Please take your time to move around and enjoy our offerings, but also give us your suggestions as to how we can improve!

Our plans for 888 will take us months (if not years) to complete, as there's so much scope - so PLEASE take the time to Register with Us so we can keep you posted as to developments.

Poker Articles Library

Visit the Articles Library
With over 200 articles available or in the pipeline, you will be able to find a wealth of poker (and tournament) learning, training materials and information from the general to the very specific. We are constantly looking for fresh content, so please feel free to submit your own articles, or refer others to us. The articles have been categorised by type of game and the experience level of the player, so that (for example) beginners will only find beginner-type articles to read.

poker books magazine periodicle

Books and Magazines to Enhance Your Game
There are so many books out there that we have attempted to present to you those that are recognised as the “best of the best”. Should you have a particular suggestion for a book to add to our recommended reading list, please tell us about it. In addition to the selected books, we have provided you with search tools to be able to quickly compare prices from a number of suppliers, to make sure you get the best deal.

Software Tournament Training Online Poker

Software for Offline Training and Online Guidance
Offline Training: Poker and tournament simulation software allows you to play offline against general players, or you can create very specific opponents. A range of systems written for various game types. Indispensable for the beginner-player.
Online Guidance: Running these software systems while in a live game is like having a WSOP winner looking over your shoulder, giving you advice and odds for each hand as it develops. When you’re playing for cash or in bigger-stake tournaments, a single extra pot won could pay for the software!

DVD, CD and Tapes

DVD’s, CD’s and Tapes
Hear it from the best! Training DVD’s etc available from WSOP and other big-time winners. For the poker enthusiast, view past tournaments and review the commentary to learn from actual play situations. Why waste the time sitting in traffic – rather listen to sound advice from the professionals to improve your game. Review the suggested items or search online through our Books page.

Poker Rooms

Recommended Poker Rooms
With over 1000 poker rooms out there, it’s easy to be lulled by the bright lights and glitter – until you try and get your money and winnings back! have carefully selected poker rooms known for their reliability, trustworthiness, support and infrastructure. This page gives you a chance to read a little more information on each, to choose those you wish to play at.


888 Dragon Membership Registration
There is SO much happening in the world of poker, some really special deals and short-term opportunities, that you have to give us your email and details so we can keep you informed. Your details are 100% safe with us – we will not betray your trust (we’re not bluffing!). In due course, we shall be tailoring the site to automatically present to you in the language of your choice, the games of your choice and more – if we have your details. Sign Up Today!


888 Dragon Partner Links
As with the majority of businesses, 888 is dependant on our suppliers, their reliability and professionalism, to be able to collate and merge their offerings to provide our members with the best possible service and information we are able to gather for you. Please take the time to have a look at who they are and what they do.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Please be aware that playing poker is still considered to be a form of gambling. Even though we actively support the playing of poker and help in whatever way we can, there are no guarantees of success or winnings. Sometimes you will win, sometimes you will lose. It is your choice to play or not. Our “Terms and Conditions” spell out that 888, any supplier or associated input cannot and will not be held responsible for either your losses or your winnings.

Privacy Policy

888 Dragon Privacy Policy
Many people are dead scared of giving their email address to companies on the web. Millions are scared of “cookies” because they think that they are at risk by allowing web sites to place them on their PC’s. And a huge number will not give out personal details (like their name) to anyone. Well, this is understandable and in some cases, fully justified. However, unless we (as 888 can contact you via email when it’s really important to do so – that’s when you will really lose out. Our “Privacy Policy” formalises that we will not abuse your trust. We cannot afford to, nor do we want to!

Site Map

Our Site Map
The whole idea of the Site Map is to provide a single point-of-entry into the entire 888 web site. Each page is listed here with a brief description of its contents and you can use this facility to find your way around, rather than going through the menu systems available.

Poker and Tournament Play

All About Us – Who We Are and What We Do
Really quite straightforward – but a chance for you to know our thinking and appreciate what we’re trying to achieve with the 888 web site.

Contact Us

Contact Us
Maybe there’s something you really like or dislike about our site. Tell us about a spelling error. Suggest materials, poker rooms or sources of information. Please talk to us so we can build a better and more enjoyable poker experience for you and all our members.

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888 - Poker News Feeds

Useful Poker and Tournament Statistics
Who is Playing Where? is one of our key information suppliers. They aggregate statistics from the world’s leading online poker rooms. Several times every hour their technology gathers detailed activity information which enables us, in turn, to provide you with the very latest free poker statistics along with the ability to search details of the latest poker games and tournaments available, updated every 5-10 minutes!

Just click on the poker room to go directly to their site.

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